Popular Basement Remodeling Projects For Johnson County Homeowners

Basement remodeling can change the entire dynamic of your home, improve overall functionality and add value. Three popular home renovation trends going on in homes across the country are in-home movie theaters, man-caves and basement bars. At Johnson County Remodeling, we have transformed many typical, boring basements into exciting, new living spaces. For homeowners whose lifestyle is geared towards entertaining, kicking back and watching the game with friends or creating the perfect hang-out, a basement remodeling project is ideal!

The hardest part of a basement remodel can be deciding what you want. The only limitations are your creativity and your budget. Here are some ideas for three of the more popular basement remodeling trends in the area.

Basement Remodeling: Create An In-Home Theater

Just imagine having your own movie theater in your home! Sounds awesome, right? After a long day at work, you can enjoy movie night with your family, or invite your buddies over to catch a game – which is made better with your own big screen TV, surround-sound speakers and comfortable theater-quality seating.

There are several important details that go into creating an in-home movie theater, including upgrading your home’s electrical system. Further, you can install insulation to get quality basement sound-proofing. Then you can just kick back and relax when things get loud without disturbing the rest of the family.

Now’s Your Chance For The Perfect Man-Cave

Superbowl season is around the corner, so what better time to create the man-cave you’ve always wanted? We will transform your damp, dark basement into a man-cave that rivals any of your friends. From a giant, wall-hung TV and a wet bar, to built-in shelving for displaying all your Harley-Davidson memorabilia, or a dedicated space for working on your favorite hobbies, basement remodeling services provide the perfect opportunity to get the man-cave of your dreams. You can take it even further and create a convenient, custom-designed man-cave bathroom so your guests don’t miss out on important plays by having to run upstairs to use other facilities. Football Sundays will never be better when you’re in your own custom-designed man-cave.

Basement Remodeling: Entertain Your Friends With a Basement Bar

If you’re having friends and family over for dinner and drinks, poker or board game night – having refreshing drinks at hand is a much better option than carting coolers downstairs from your home’s kitchen. A stylish built-in wet bar with all the amenities will make you love staying home on Saturday night!

Whatever your vision for your basement is, Johnson County Remodeling is an expert at planning, designing and implementing home makeovers in whatever capacity our customers need. We will work with you to make your dreams a reality – whether it’s adding plumbing for an extra bathroom or laying durable flooring for long-lasting, heavy-duty use – all that and more are possible with basement remodeling services from the experienced pros at Johnson County Remodeling provides.

Johnson County Remodeling will conduct a full inspection of your property to make sure your foundation is solid and can accommodate your idea for basement remodeling. Likewise, if any repairs are needed, we’ll take care of it competently and expertly. Further, before any work begins, we obtain any necessary permits required by your city.

When you’re ready to turn that dark, drab wasted basement space into a vital, attractive and functional space, call us and schedule a FREE consultation to go over your ideas and provide ways we can get you what you want!

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