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Olathe Wood Rot Repair Service

Everyone wants to know that their home or business is a safe place to live or work. However, the safety of a structure can be difficult to notice, or it is hidden in a crawl space or behind a wall. This is one of the reasons that wood rot is an issue. Wood rots at a slow pace and if caught early will only need to have minimal repairs done to protect it. But, if left to itself, wood rot can be expensive and hazardous, as we all know.

The home and business owners of Olathe can rely on Johnson County Remodeling to repair or replace wood that suffers from rot. Before going into our services, let’s take a moment to talk about the different types of rot (dry and wet) and ways to spot the signs that the wood on your Olathe property is rotting.

What is Wet Rot?

This is the most common reason why wood can start to rot. As the name suggests, the culprit is a great deal of moisture surrounding the wood, usually due to a leaking pipe or nearby pooled water. The wood absorbs damp air, becoming a perfect breeding ground for different fungal species. These funguses use the wood for nutrients and eat away at the cellular structure that makes the wood strong.

What is Dry Rot?

In this case, the offender is once again fungi that attacks the strength and stiffness of the wood. The fungus gets the water it needs to thrive from the remaining moisture in the wood and from the air, even when there is low humidity.

Warning Signs of Rotting Wood

When walking around your Olathe home or business, take some time to inspect exposed beams, doors, door frames and any other wood elements. Here are some things to look for:

  • Square patterns of decay: Dry rot often leads to a browning of the natural color and the creation of squarish/rectangularish patterns of various sizes.
  • Orange Brown Dust: If you find large patches of orange or brownish dust, this usually indicates the starting of a dry rot outbreak.
  • Strands of grey:  These can often be confused with dusty cobwebs but are actually part of the life cycle of dry rot fungus trying to spread and obtain moisture.
  • A musty smell: A musty smell is an indication of a perfect breeding ground for wet rot and is often caused by fungus in the wood.
  • Cracking or soft timber: if the timber seems brittle, has lots of cracks or is soft to the touch, then this is a clear sign of rot.
  • Fungal growth: if you see a white substance growing on the wood then that is wet rot in action.

Wood Rot Repair Basics

How to fix the timber on your Olathe property depends on the severity of the rot. Mild dry rot can often be repaired by scraping away the affected area and carefully applying wood hardeners, which strengthen and protect the timber. Wet rot usually requires a section of the wood to be replaced.

If you are concerned about the health of the lumber that makes up your property, then contact Johnson County Remodeling. We will inspect the area, thoroughly explain the problem, tell you what needs to be done and give you a quote.