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Design Build Service in Leawood

When taking on a remodeling project, there are two types of professionals you will need: a designer to help you plan the space and a remodeling contractor to take the design and make it into a reality. This requires clear communication to ensure that the design is implemented perfectly.

The best way to guarantee a smooth process is to hire a company that can do both. Johnson County Remodeling specializes in helping the people of Leawood with their remodeling projects from start to finish.

The Design

You have probably started thinking about a remodeling project by looking at different ideas online and in magazines, talking to friends and family, and compiling a basic budget. This is a great start and a necessary first step. The next step is to talk to someone who can walk you through the process and bring all of your different ideas together into a workable remodeling plan. 

Johnson County Remodeling has many years of experience carefully listening to our Leawood clients and coming up with plans that connect with their tastes, preferences, and budgets.  Once we have your ideas and the exact measurements of the space we will start to create 3D illustrations of the new space to help you get a clear understanding of your options.

Once we have created a project plan that you are satisfied with, we will do a more in-depth design and pricing to show that it aligns with your proposed budget.

The Build

If we are hired to also be the contractor for the project, we will order all of the necessary fixtures and materials for the project and plan it into the timetable. This way we will be sure not to have delays during the process as we will not start until we can move forward smoothly.

Before we begin, we will section off the area to prevent dust from moving to the rest of your property. We carefully remove any fixtures or supplies you want to reuse and do our very best to keep you informed and our work on schedule.

Once we are done we will clean the area, examine the craftsmanship and functionality of the remodeled space and be there to answer any questions you have when you inspect the finished results.

No Obligation Build

Just because we did the design doesn’t mean we should be the contractor. That is up to the client. We suggest that our clients go and interview other contractors to perform the building part of the process. We are confident that they will come back to us because of our construction expertise, excellent customer service, and ability to clearly communicate.

When a client hires us for the design portion of a remodeling project, they own the designs, blueprints, and plans that we’ve made for them. You are free to move forward after the design phase however you see fit, without any feelings of obligation.  


It is standard procedure for remodeling companies servicing Leawood to give a one year warranty on the work they perform.  Johnson County Remodeling knows that we provide exceptional results and that is why we confidently offer a 2 year warranty on our building services.